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Everything Flows; Nothing Stands Still

ZRT 3 is the evolutionary development of the world’s leading manual cell phone investigation tool. Since its debut in 2007, it has been continuously developed and enhanced, based on feedback from some of the world’s leading cell phone investigators.

ZRT 3 for Cell Phones

Easy to Use–Reliable and Essential

ZRT 3 streamlines the time consuming task of taking pictures or recording HD video content from cell phones and other portable devices which are not supported by logical and physical extraction tools. These pictures and videos are then processed through the new powerful report generator that automates the process of categorizing, labeling and resizing the data to build a very professional and easy to read digital or paper based report.

ZRT 3 OCR Module

Fernico Innovates – It Does Not Imitate

The innovative OCR (Optical Character Recognition) capability is a game-changer for investigators. It is no longer necessary to manually examine each individual photograph for evidential content. The OCR engine will extract the text from the photo and store it in a case database for searching and further analysis. This feature was pioneered by Fernico and puts ZRT 3 in a league of its own.

ZRT 3 Supports Every Phone–Every Time

Cell phone investigators cannot rely on any one tool to support every device. With the ever expanding range of new cell phones released each year, ZRT is essential for dealing with devices, old or new, that are otherwise not supported. Photo documentation is also increasingly becoming a key process in validating findings from other methods.

Some Phones Just Do Not Want to Play Ball

Boost Mobile

Many cell phone investigators have experienced difficulty extracting data from Boost Mobile phones using digital methods. With ZRT 3, the manual method of obtaining evidence is the only way.


When data extraction from a mobile device is not possible, as is the case with many Tracfones, it is necessary to capture the evidence manually.

ZRT 3 Hardware


To supplement its compatibility with specific Canon DSLR cameras, ZRT 3 is also equipped with USB HD webcam support. ZRT 3 comes standard with either the Canon Rebel T5 DSLR camera or the Microsoft LifeCam Studio HD web camera. The following cameras are also supported. Contact us for more details.

ZRT 3 Supported Cameras

Canon EOS Rebel T2 to T5 series (currently supplied with ZRT 3)

T5 features a 12.2 Megapixel CMOS Image Sensor and Canon DIGIC 4 Image Processor for richly detailed images and quick camera response. It has Canon's amazing 63-zone, Dual-layer metering for accurate exposures and features Canon's Basic+ function, HD video recording and Live View shooting, plus a convenient in-camera Feature Guide.

Microsoft LifeCam Studio HD Web Camera (currently offered with ZRT 3)

LifeCam includes a 1080p HD sensor and TrueColor Technology, which means images remain bright and colorful in virtually all light conditions, while ClearFrame Technology provides smooth and detailed video.

ZRT 3 Accessories Now Included With Every ZRT 3 Kit

Desktop Mount

The Desktop Mount makes setting up ZRT 3 even easier. Simply place the mount on any steady surface and attach the Fernico Flexible Arm. No desk clamping required.

Desktop Mount only–Camera and Arm not included

Foot Pedal

ZRT 3's high speed camera foot pedal expedites the process of taking pictures. The examiner no longer has to use his/her hands to go back and forth between adjusting the cell phone display amd taking photos.

Glare Shield

Eliminate glare and reflection from overhead lighting on the device being photographed with the flexible Glare Shield.

Field Kit Case (Optional)

Pelican 1520 hard sided case with custom laser-cut foam for taking your kit into the field or on the road.


DVR Capture

Efficiently documenting evidential video recovered from crime scene surveillance cameras can be a challenge for law enforcement agencies. ZRT 3 has been designed to easily and quickly create an evidence report that links recovered DVR surveillance video to a suspect.

ZRT 3 Imports Surveillance Video Directly from the DVRs

With ZRT 3, the user can import and document their evidential video footage into a professionally formatted report, which can be generated into a PDF, DOC, or HTML file. ZRT 3 also allows video frames to be captured as pictures and added to the report and/or stored on a PC or other removable device. Supplementary items such as PDF files, Word documents and text files can also be included in the final report.

ZRT 3 supports archiving all case items to DVD or Blu-ray at the end of the process, allowing data transfer between departments or to other agencies. ZRT 3 has a well designed workflow that is customizable through its program settings to integrate with existing departmental procedures.

Game Console Examination

Extract Properties of Interest

  • Gaming, Communication and Monetary Transactions, all of which are highly networked
  • Hard Drive Contents—20+ gigabytes of data potentially useful as evidence
  • Information undetected by game console owner, including previously saved data and data stored in hidden locations

Extract Potentially Incriminating Data

  • Chat logs, including Text, Video Chat, and VoIP Chat
  • Friends Lists
  • Game Console Marketplaces where credit card numbers can be found, proving online presence and purchases

Complies with Recording, Communications and Copyright Laws

  • RIAA
  • Stored Communications Act
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act