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Detective Scenario:

Detectives generally want to have as much information as possible as quickly as possible. If their case involves a cell phone, it is more than likely to be added to the queue of devices waiting to be processed in their cell phone lab. So if they need a few photographs of key text messages or pictures immediately and can access the device, ZRT KIOSK gives them the ability to do it for themselves.

There is minimal training necessary with no mouse or keyboard and the user can walk away in a matter of minutes with the relevant screen shots on a USB stick.

Front Desk Scenario:

A member of the public walks into your police department with a picture on their cell phone of an incident clearly showing who did what, where and when. They want you to have this picture and they want to give it to you now. They certainly do not want to give up their cell phone and they certainly will not allow a cable to be attached to download their personal information.

So using the ZRT KIOSK means the person can place their cell phone under the camera and the picture can be taken simply by touching the touch screen. Scroll to the next picture or text message and within minutes the task is completed and nothing else has been taken off the device, and the person leaves with their cell phone.