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ZRT 3 Training

Onsite Training

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Learn by Example

The process of learning is very hands-on. The class includes multiple demonstrations of key techniques, which are unique to examining a cell phone or tablet manually.

Come to Us or We Come to You

To fully maximize the flexibility of ZRT 3, we run an intensive one-day class in Charlotte, NC or Milwaukee, WI. Alternatively, if you have the numbers, we can bring the classroom to you, which means more of your people can receive training.

Online Training

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ZRT 3 Online Training will teach you how to utilize all of our software’s new features so you'll be ready to hit the ground running. Receive targeted instruction, participate in helpful exercises, take quizzes on what you've learned, and receive certification for completing the sessions. Get the same guidance you’d receive from our conventional onsite training method, but in the form of helpful exercises available through the Web.

Custom Training and ZRT 3 Certification

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Fernico can also deliver ZRT 3 training as part of a multi-tool cell phone training program. In addition, we can create a custom course to suit your implementation of the system.

Users must pass a written and practical exam to achieve ZRT 3 certification which validates your competence using both the software and hardware components.This certification can only be secured via our classes.

2018 Course Schedule

Date Course Type Location Trainer
September 15 ZRT 3 w/ OCR Milwaukee, WI Fernico, Inc.
November 15 ZRT KIOSK London, England Fernico, Inc.
December 15 ZRT KIOSK Sydney, Australia Fernico, Inc.

For more details or information on how to register your agency or company for training, please contact us.