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Manual Data Archiving is Too Time Consuming.

Fernico’s FAR is the world’s leading solution that automates the archival of digital evidence/data folders by spanning the data over a series of Blu-ray or DVD discs with integral MD5 or SHA1 verfication.

FAR for Data Archival

FAR ProX Blu-ray / DVD

The software delivers a tried and well-tested option for computer crime investigators to manage their free storage space. In addition, when evidential data needs to be distributed to other agencies, Blu-ray and DVD is significantly easier to access and more portable compared to tape or a hard drive.

Setting up an archive job is very straightforward because of the intuitive, easy-to-follow user interface that requires minimal training.

Every step has been optimized to help streamline the production of the discs with sequential disc and date numbering automatically printed. A complete disc designer tool is an integral part of the process so high quality graphics can be incorporated to make this system a versatile tool.

No other system offers the quickest cost benefit payback period, making it completely uneconomical to archive data manually.

FAR for Disc Capture

FAR ProX Imager

Automation Does a Better Job.

Fernico’s FAR ProX Imager is the premier solution for the acquisition of evidential content from CD/DVD and Blu-ray discs, irrespective of how the disc was recorded. Trying to acquire even moderately small numbers of discs by hand is just too time consuming and is simply not a viable solution for the vast majority of investigators. Our combination of world class reliable robotic hardware with innovative, user friendly software delivers a consistent and rigorous process to recover all the recorded data.

The FAR software has been designed to cope with discs that are scratched, and if a disc cannot be read in a preset time period, it will be skipped so that a minimum daily throughput can be maintained. The imaging process can then be restarted for skipped discs with an increased preset time period.

A Canon camera has been integrated into the system to take pictures of the disc label as it is placed on the recorder tray, as the label can be of as much evidential value as the recorded data.

All the leading digital forensic analysis tools are supported with their optimized file formats and a detailed case report logs the MD5 and SHA1 hash values, minimizing the time to start the analysis.

FAR for Limited Data Archival


Fernico's compact archival system comes equipped with one Pioneer DVR-218 DVD recorder and a 20-disc capacity for smaller jobs.

FAR Consumables

Recordable Media

Blu-Ray Recordable (BD-R: 25GB and 50GB). For large quantities, please call for quote.

Ink Cartridges

For replacement ink cartridges, please call for quote.

Disc Envelopes

Disc sleeves are an ideal space saving solution to store Blu-ray media. Please call for quote.